Young, Dumb, & Definitely Not Broke


Hip-Hop fans know the Khaled song ‘Young, Dumb, & Broke’ and this song might as well be the theme song for the 2017 Lakers. Well, minus the broke part.

I think we can all agree that the Lakers aren’t good, but man are they fun to watch. Is it the  youth, the Lonzo effect, or maybe the athleticism? Whatever it is that makes this bad team exciting, the Lakers are, once again, must see TV.

Trailing by double-digits in the fourth quarter against one of the most experienced playoff teams in the East, the young and dumb Lakers force overtime and somehow beat Wall, Beal, and the Wizards. Like… How???????

What lineup was Luke Walton (also worth noting Luke is 37 and younger than more than a dozen active players) rolling with during the fourth quarter and overtime.

PG: Lonzo Ball (10/27/97 – 19 years old*)

SG: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (2/18/93 – 24 years old)

SF: Kyle Kuzma (6/24/95 – 22 years old)

PF: Brandon Ingram (9/2/97 – 20 years old)

C: Julius Randle (11/29/95 – 22 years old)

*Lonzo the only teenager in the lineup, but won’t be a teenager for much longer 🙂

With all the young talent in the league, it is not totally uncommon to see so many young players on the court at one time, but the Lakers are different. The playmakers/ball handlers in this lineup are Lonzo, Kuzma, and Ingram. Watching two rookies and whatever Brandon Ingram is make clutch plays down the stretch to beat Washington was amazing.

Wall spoke about the poise of Lonzo and the young Lakers and how impressed he was with the point guard. For the young Lakers to prove they have what it takes to be able to run with some of the big dogs of this league, is a step forward.

I am not saying they are a playoff team, but they could have some real pieces when Lebron decides to take his talents to Hollywood next offseason.






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