The Cavs and Warriors losing is fun

steffffLook, I understand small sample size and all, but a more balanced field has made the start of this NBA season very enjoyable.

Watching the Warriors lose to the Pistons and the Cavaliers take an L to the Knicks on Sunday makes me feel warm inside. LeBron has always rolled right through the East making every team in his path look silly. But, losing by double-digits on your home court to Kristaps and Tim Fucking Hardaway Jr. That is art.

Ironic that LeBron filed for the trademark “Nothing Comes Easy” a day after a loss to one of the worst teams in the league. Yes, LeBron. Beating a team who starts 34-year old Jarret Jack at the point guard “Isn’t Easy.”

Not even being ten games into the season, there is no reason to press the panic button for any team just yet. But, for the sake of good fun, let’s just pretend we stay on this pace all year and we go into the playoffs with the standings mirroring how they look today, October 30, two weeks out of opening night.

The Pistons are the number one seed in the East, and the Grizzlies sit on top of the West. Oh yeah, the Cavs aren’t making the playoffs and the Warriors are a six seed.

Everyone talks about how trash the East is (it is trash), but the Cavs aren’t even a playoff team at this point. HAHAHA!

We all know the Cavs and Warriors will win their divisions and play for a third straight final, but man it is fun to watch them lose. Does anyone else love watching Steph and KD ejections and listening to Ty Lue talk about Brooklyn wanting their pick?

This is gold.

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