Big Three: NBA gambling advice for 11/9

Welcome to the inaugural “Big Three” blog. We all love winning money, and every good investor knows that the best way to financially successful is gamble your earnings on sports. 3.6 trillion dollars in debt? Take half of that and put it on the Lakers over and our countries debt crisis is resolved. SPORTS GAMBLING IS ALWAYS THE AWNSER!


But, in case you do enjoy a good spread, here are three picks for Thursday, 11/9.

1) WIZARDS -10 vs Lakers

God damn do the Lakers play hard, or at least they have so far this season. As Luke Walton preaches, playing with effort alone will get you some wins in the current NBA. However, it’s a little more difficult to show max effort when you are playing in a road back-to-back on the other side of the country. Not to mention the fact you’re trying to tame Wall and Beal.

2) Pelicans @ Raptors UNDER 214.5

Yeah, life is probably too short to bet the under, but that is only if you don’t want to win $$$. Can these two teams put up points? Yes. But, neither are dominant in transition. The Pelicans and Raptors are much more comfortable playing in the half court. This game could have some scoring, but I could also see a 98-92 finish. 214.5 is waaaayyyyy too high.

3) THUNDER -1 @ Nuggets

Okay. I think we can all agree that Russell Westbrook is one crazy mother fucker. NBA guys talk about him playing summer pick-up games like they are game seven of the NBA finals. It is clear that the Russ, PG, and Melo thing is taking some time to develop, but at the end of the day this is Russ’ team. And, after blowing a 20 point lead to the worst team in the NBA (Kings), I would pick a team led by Russ to beat anyone. He’s going to play like a man possessed and he, the Thunder, won’t lose.


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One thought on “Big Three: NBA gambling advice for 11/9

  1. Americas national debt is currently 19.8 Trillion… good to see you’ve paid attention to whats going on in the real world!


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