Eric Bledsoe makes the Bucks an ACTUAL contender in the East.

This trade is big time for Milwaukee. Giannis is an amazing sight to see every time he steps on the floor and will be the 2017-18 Most Valuable Player, but the Bucks were in need of another playmaker to accompany their young star. Eric Bledsoe tweeting “I don’t want to be here” (from the beauty salon LOL) opened up that window for the Bucks to make the trade.

A backcourt of Bledsoe and Brogdon is scary if you play in the east. While neither are outstanding offensive talents, both are above-average playmakers that are horses on the defensive end. The Bucks can be that team that makes you go on scoreless streaks of 2-3 minutes. Playing in Phoenix for the last three years may have made Bledsoe a little less interested in defense, but flashbacks to days in a Clippers uniform can make a fan giddy as to what Bledsoe is going to do on this Bucks team.

There are still some red flags. Giannis is going to remain the primary ball handler for obvious reasons. So, how will Bledsoe play off the ball? Has the mind-boggling stupidity of the Suns ruined him mentally? How will he fare with a slower paced offense?

Regardless of what your thoughts are on Bledsoe or the deal that sent a protected pick to Phoenix along with Greg Monroe, the Bucks got better. Imagine this lineup:

Bledsoe, Brogdon, Middleton, Jabari, Giannis…

They have sucked in their first ten games (4-6), but the Bucks are on the come up in the East.

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