BIG THREE: NBA Picks for 11/10

Last Night’s Recap:

Well, 1-2 is not impressive by any means. Honestly, what is wrong with the Thunder? Westbrook had no help last year and he was single handedly beating teams like Denver, Sacramento, etc. I know both games were on the road, but surely the likes of Russell, Carmelo, and PG can figure out to have a winning record. I am feeling a 3-0 Friday night if you want to win some green.

Daily Lock:

CELTICS (-3) vs Charlotte

Man this is such a fucking trap game, but how can you not bite? Jayson Tatum is questionable, but the Celtics are the hottest team in the NBA playing on their home court. Not to mention this is the fourth straight road game for Charlotte, who is 1-5 against the spread in road contests this season. This is a no brainer. The fact that the public is siding with Boston, heavily and that all signs point to Celtics is the reason this is such a trap. But, we are going after the cheese. Take the Celts.

Hawks @ Pistons 1H OVER 101

Not only is it fun to bet the first half of the night’s opening game, but these are two of the hottest first half offenses. Neither team looking good on the defenses end, but why not win a bet before any other NBA games even start?

NETS +8.5 @ Portland

Okay here is a bit of a hot take… Are you ready? THE BLAZERS AREN’T GOOD! The Blazers are a fun team, but they are so inconsistent offensively it’s hard to know what product you’re going to get. A home game against the Nets with a big spread is the perfect game for the Blazers to sleep through. Nets might not win, but it’s going to be a good finish in the Pacific Northwest.



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